NYCOSE follows up with a great second event!

The second event of the NYCOSE last night went very well. Everyone in the organization heard from Stephen J. Adler, the editor-in-chief of Reuters, who gave us priceless advice on how he got into the business, how the mindset towards journalists has changed in recent years due to social media’s influence in society, the spread of disinformation, and what news organizations big and small can do to combat that.

Adler shared some engaging and riveting stories about what really goes on behind the scenes in journalism, including how Reuters deals with crises, both nationally and overseas involving journalists and their safety.

Pulling it back in, Adler also told the organization about ways student journalists can make themselves heard, including a story of how he put himself on the map with an unintentional exposé during his time in high school, where he learned the unfortunate consequences of brave and telling journalism early.

Following the discussion, the floor opened to an open Q&A, where other members of the coalition got to ask Adler questions about all things pertaining to journalism. These questions included specifics about regaining consumer trust in the media in a time of distrust, how news organizations can uplift diverse voices amid many calls for social justice soul-searching, and the hardest part of being atop such a force in the world of journalism.

In addition to the candid stories, advice, and speech Adler gave, new members from many different schools attended the event, including faculty advisors, student reporters, and junior editors, making for a really special night.

The NYCOSE will meet again in April, on April 20th at 5:30 pm. For more information, look to our “upcoming events” page on the Primary menu.

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