Our Mission

The mission of the NYC Organization of Student Editors (NYCOSE) is to gather public high school editors-in-chief together for riveting discussions about the challenges facing student journalism today.

In a city where journalism is the lifeblood, and one that features so many talented and impressive high school newsrooms, led by passionate and committed editors-in-chief, there is a need, now more than ever, to learn from each other as we navigate the pandemic and run newsrooms virtually.

The goal for the organization is to mobilize dozens of editors-in-chief virtually to talk story ideas, op-eds, how to create balanced stories, maintaining journalistic ethics and avoiding conflicts of interest, and moreover, how to be taken seriously by teachers and administrators. After all, school news sites should cover more than pep rallies and pizza parlors.

Additionally, it will be an outlet to share successes and discuss what we’ve all learned about the new normal, and every event will feature a keynote speaker/working journalist from the field.

Beyond this focus on the craft, friendships will be made through this organization, and contacts will be formed that will help anyone who’s interested in journalism.

-Zachary Kaplan ’22, NYCOSE founder