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Chapter 2: Event #1After a lot of planning, NYCOSE is back with our 2nd chapter. For the next year, we’re targeting student censorship, and NYCOSE is partnering with New Voices, which is a group that is working hard to pass legislation that would grant student journalists their First Amendment rights that was stripped away due to the restrictive ruling in Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier, as well as the power school administrations have over the newspapers. In addition, we’re hoping to meet a goal to have all of our participating schools pass a charter, first enacted by Townsend Harris High School in Queens, New York, that demands school administrations not place limitations on the subjects student reporters can write about and formalizes each school administration’s commitment to First Amendment rights for all students.

On the 21st of September, 5:30 PM over Zoom, NYCOSE will have its first meeting of the second chapter, and welcome professor and editor Katina Paron, author of A Newshound’s Guide to Student Journalism as well as student activists working to further the cause of New Voices.
5:30 pmVia Zoom